Consider an Alignment for Your Volvo

Tires are very expensive, and most people would prefer not to have to replace them unless absolutely necessary. We’re sure that you’re one of those people. One of the most common reasons that tires wear prematurely is due to a wheel alignment that is not within specification. Once a wheel alignment is off specification, it cannot be changed until a trained technician corrects it using highly-sophisticated and very expensive machinery.

Technicians are specifically trained to know just how much adjusting is necessary to bring your wheels back into alignment and keep the vehicle driving straight. The wheel angle measurements are different for each vehicle, and it’s a technique that takes exceptional precision to get right. Once your wheel alignment is completed, you notice a big improvement in handling ability.

The Volvo technicians at Dick Dyer Volvo are certified in areas of wheel alignments to make sure you get the most tread wear out of your tires. Call us soon!

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