The Importance of Gaskets to Good Car Performance

If you've ever had a service advisor at Dick Dyer Volvo Cars in Columbia, SC recommend new gaskets for your vehicle, you may not have been aware of their importance to your vehicle's performance. Gaskets are small devices made of steel, copper or rubber that keep the fluids and gases throughout the operating system circulating freely without mixing or escaping.

Over time, gaskets can "blow" or go bad, leading to expensive repairs if not promptly replaced. Tailpipe smoke, radiator foaming, gargling or bubbling, and low cylinder pressure are all signs of gasket failure.

Having your oil and other fluids changed on a regular basis at our car repair department can help to prevent gasket failure. It also provides our technician with an opportunity to advise you if any of your vehicle's numerous gaskets, including head, intake and outtake manifold, or oil pan, show signs of wear. Gasket replacement prevents more expensive problems.

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