How Does Brake Fluid Work?

When we think of auto maintenance and tune-ups, what typically comes to mind are oil changes. We often forget about brake fluid because it lasts so much longer than motor oil despite being equally important. Don’t forget about your brake fluid. Stop at Dick Dyer Volvo Cars and let the techs check your brake fluid levels.

Despite brake fluid often being the forgotten liquid, it’s very important. It sits in the brake lines until it’s needed. When you touch the brakes, an entire process involving the pistons calipers, rotors and your gas pedal begin. This process sends the brake fluid through the lines and into the brake pedals. This process needs good clean brake fluid in order to work.

Even if your vehicle is not due for a checkup, you may want to just make sure everything is good. Visit our Columbia, SC service station and let our professionals give it a quick inspection.

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