Tips For Cleaning Your Tires

Have you noticed that your tires have been looking a little dull and worn lately? Does the inside wheel well area look dirty? It might be time to give your tires a little TLC to help them look refreshed and new again. It might not be time to replace your tires because of low tire tread so this can buy you a little time. Let's look at some tire cleaning tips to help you out:

Cleaning your tires will only work if you have the right products. Invest in some of the professional grade products that we use here at Dick Dyer Volvo Cars. They are designed to clean your tires but also treat the rubber so it stays in good condition and looks nice. Make a habit of cleaning and treating your tires each time you wash your vehicle. Just like you wax your car to protect it, your tires should receive proper treatment as well.

If you'd prefer to leave the tune-up and overall spring cleaning of your vehicle to the professionals, schedule a visit to our Volvo service facility here in Columbia, SC soon!

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