Kitty Litter, Rock Salt And Sand May Be The Best Three Things For This Winter

Every year there are thousands of people who swear by the usefulness of three items to keep them from slipping on the ice throughout the winter; rock salt, sand and kitty litter. Each one of these items has something it brings to the table and with more than one million people falling on the ice each winter and about 17,000 of them being fatal, according to the CDC, looking into these items bears some merit.

Sodium chloride rock salt is a gem when it comes to taking care of snow and ice, eating it like candy. The drawback, however, is that is loses its grit when it dissolves into the resulting water. This is where sand comes in handy. If you have to use kitty litter, this is where it comes into play but remember, it gets sticky when it gets wet.

All of us here at Dick Dyer Volvo Cars wish you a very happy Holiday season this year and please do remember to drive safely.



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