The Volvo vision for the way that they design a vehicle relies on some critical driving features that they focus on with every new vehicle that they push out. The big three things that they look at are as follows:

  • No one should be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020 (now).
  • Time savings should equal one week per year by 2025
  • Electric cars should make up fifty percent of sales by 2025

These are three critically important elements to the Volvo dream going forward. They believe in safety clearly as a top priority, but there is more to what they are aiming at. They clearly have some broader goals for the years and decades going forward. The idea of saving people time in their journey by 2025 is a big one. Think about how Volvo can change the landscape of transportation by offering better turn-by-turn navigation and mapping. Quicker routes mean less time spent sitting in traffic.

Volvo is a forward-thinking company that aims to sell a lot of electric vehicles by 2025. They have the target of fifty percent of their total sales being electric. The hope is to do some good by the environment while at the same time improving their sales. They know that a lot of people are looking for alternatives to gas-guzzling vehicles, and they can certainly make an impact by going for a younger demographic that cares about such things.

The company views the future as a place where we have fully connected vehicles that are set to the preferences and needs of the owner. It is a future that they want to be a major player in. They are attempting to get ahead of the curve by shifting to a technology-based automobile that makes the driving experience that much easier around Sumpter and Aiken, SC.

Virtually everything that we do these days is touched by technology in some way. Why shouldn’t our vehicles also fall under that umbrella? The number of vehicle injuries and deaths can be greatly prevented, and that is the number one focus of Volvo in every new thing that it builds today.

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