Where Can I Get an Oil Change in Columbia?


Whether you're looking for a routine oil change or a complicated auto service, you will have all your needs met at Dick Dyer Volvo Cars near Lexington, SC. We serve Irmo and beyond by not only providing expert Volvo service, but we also provide the information that you need to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

If keeping up to date with your oil changes, find out why it is so important and how easy it can be to get the service you need with us.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Everyone in the Dentsville area knows that oil changes are a top priority for vehicle maintenance, but not everyone may know why. Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. When you picture an engine, you don’t need to know anything about it to imagine that there are a lot of metal components moving quickly to power your vehicle.

Motor oil lubricates and cools your engine since there is so much friction within your engine. However, what happens is that over time, the oil becomes less effective. When oil deteriorates or becomes dirty, friction and heat begin to build within your engine. If left unattended, the heat and friction and warp your engine components and cause serious damage.

To avoid these issues and preventable damage, you can act proactively and routinely get your oil change at our service center near Sumpter. Check your owner's manual and speak with our technicians to discover the oil change interval that is right for your vehicle and driving habits.

Come to Our Volvo Service Center Near Aiken, SC

If you're looking for an oil change without the hassle, you will find the speed, affordability, and precision at Dick Dyer Volvo Cars. Schedule a service appointment today to get started!

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