Consider Total Cost of Ownership in Your Budget Plan

What is your total cost of ownership budget plan? You should always figure out your budget before you ever begin to car shop. You need to know how much money you can spend on the total cost of ownership. That doesn't just take into consideration your monthly car payment. That's a big hunk of it, but that's not everything. Here at Dick Dyer Volvo, our team is here to help!

A vehicle needs fuel. Gas money is a major portion of the total cost of ownership. It should always be factored into your budget plan. You'll also need insurance. Insurance premiums are another major component of the total cost of ownership. You'll have to get an estimate on the car you plan to purchase. It could absolutely change your decision. Your premium will be based on your age, driving history, credit and the car value.

You'll also need to have a maintenance plan. It should be tossed into your total cost of ownership budget plan. You never want to take your car for granted. It'll always need oil changes. It'll always need tune-ups. It's good to factor those in. You can visit our sales or finance department today for more information on creating your budget plan. We're here to help you calculate your total cost of ownership.

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