Take Advantage of the Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Program

Reputation precedes the top auto manufacturers. Volvo long ago made a name for itself in the global car market, and that's why so many Columbia customers purchase its models. The certified pre-owned program opens another door for customers interested in a Volvo. Buys can acquire a used model that comes with many additional guarantees.

Models Available Under the Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Program

Volvo manufactures a wide range of different vehicles. There are sports cars, sedans, and SUVs, with many different makes under each category. All have their unique features and cater to drivers with varied needs. No matter what type of make you purchase, you will feel confident that you're tapping into Volvo's consistently impressive quality.

Volvo also packs its vehicles with scores of impressive features that our Lexington, SC drivers like. Some models boast of incredible performance and capabilities, and then others become appealing thanks to their fuel economy and safety specs. Modern technology makes many Volvo models stand apart from their competitors. And, of course, Volvo models look fantastic, no matter where you drive around Irmo. The company always produces nice-looking vehicles.

Thanks to the Volvo certified pre-owned program, you can choose from a multitude of different options and take advantage of Volvo's outstanding quality while taking advantage of reduced pricing.

The CPO program changes the way people purchase used cars. Under the CPO, Volvo acts almost like it is your partner-in-purchasing since it helps in so many ways.

Meeting the Volvo CPO Criteria

The certified pre-owned program (CPO) establishes criteria for used models. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. First, there's a mileage cut off, which establishes how much use the engine and other parts experience. Volvo set the cutoff at 80,000 miles. Many of our CPO inventory is well below that figure.

To be certified, the vehicle must undergo a more than 170-point inspection. If the vehicle needs work to pass, a Volvo-certified technician handles the task. The manufacturer also establishes high-standard for repair under the Volvo Genuine Service technician process.

The Reliable Volvo CPO Warranty Deal

Volvo proves it stands by the quality of vehicles in the certified pre-owned category, giving you the necessary peace of mind you need to drive around Dentsville. Just look at the warranty the company provides. And you may be able to extend the warranty. Ask a representative at Dick Dyer Volvo Cars how to do so. Feel even better about your purchase when knowing potentially unexpected repairs fall under listed coverage. And the warranty deal comes with no deductible, another plus for car buyers in Sumpter. Consider it another money-saving benefit to going with the certified pre-owned program.

Volvo added another nice feature to its warranty deal. The warranty remains fully transferable when you sell the vehicle. The day may come when you wish to offer the model to someone via a private sale. Noting that the excellent warranty goes with the sale could make buying the model an attractive option. Maybe the warranty transfer could set you apart from other sellers.

A Roadside Assistance Offer

Some days around Aiken, SC, things go wrong. What happens if your car suffers a flat tire or the cold weather stalls the battery? With Volvo's certified pre-owned program, you receive access to roadside assistance. Place a call, and the emergency service will respond appropriately. Consider that another way the program sweetens the deal and boosts confidence.

Remember, no matter how well-built a Volvo vehicle is, some unexpected problems can happen on the road. A careless driver could cause a fender bender and more. Volvo Roadside Assistance stands by to help you out if something unfortunate occurs.

Schedule an Appointment for a Test Drive

Set time aside on your calendar for a test drive in Columbia. We know you'll appreciate the experience and realize just how excellent our certified pre-owned Volvo inventory is. Call our offices today. Someone is available to help you out with scheduling the appointment.

Actual vehicle specifications may vary from those depicted.
Excludes all options, taxes, title, registration transportation charge and dealer prep fee.
Price includes $225.00 closing fee.