Volvo has an attractive lineup of luxury SUVs with similar designs and share engine lineups. That kind of unity is helpful because you can choose the model that fits your size needs, and you know that it will have the same trims, options, look and feel, and feature set as the others. The three models are the XC40, XC60, and the XC90.

The XC40 is a subcompact SUV, so it falls into the crossover category. It has excellent reviews because, like the other XC SUVs, it has a stellar interior. It also has the advantage that it gets the most power and acceleration from the standardized engines because it is the smallest.

The XC60 is a compact SUV. In concept, it is highly similar to the XC40, but it adds on more interior space and cargo room. If you like the look and feel of the XC line, but you don't believe that the 40 will be big enough for your family, look to the XC60.

The XC90 is the biggest and the only three-row SUV of the lineup. It can seat seven or eight people, depending on how you set up the middle row. This SUV is good if you have several passengers or you need to carry a lot of cargo regularly around Dentsville and Sumter. As the largest of the three, it doesn't have the same fuel efficiency as the others, but the powerful engines mean you will have no trouble getting great performance out of it.

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The XC lineup is a set of some of the best luxury SUVs money can buy, and all three of them have excellent value. It's hard to find a better value proposition. If you’re in Irmo or Lexington, SC, make your way to Dick Dyer Mercedes Volvo in Columbia, SC. Contact us to learn more.

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