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Deciding where to take your vehicle to be serviced can be a daunting and challenging process.  In many areas, it seems there is a local, "generic" repair shop on every corner.  Yet there is always the option of going to a dealership, where an OEM-specific provider will care for your car.

When it comes to the difference between going to a dealership and going to a "corner garage," that difference can largely be found in the people who directly work on your vehicle.  The local garages may offer a personal touch since their facilities are smaller and their staff far less numerous.  On the other hand, the mechanics that staff the OEM shops located in dealerships are quite likely going to be far more educated than those staffing local shops.  They've probably only worked on the make of vehicle that you have and they've received training from the manufacturer.

The difference between dealership-associated shops and generic shops can also be seen in terms of the information that they have access to.  The dealership's direct relationship with the manufacturer means that it is more likely to be privy to information that will ensure that your vehicle is serviced to manufacturer standards.  This could include details on how to perform a specific repair.  It could also be information related to a recall.

It's also a matter of parts, specifically, quality of parts.  OEM service departments are going to use OEM parts.  It's true that after-market parts can be cheaper but it's difficult to discern whether these kinds of parts approach or surpass OEM-level of quality.  After all, the smaller companies producing after-market parts may not be as concerned for their reputation as a major car manufacturer may be.  The truth is that many components of a vehicle are regularly exposed to constant stress.  Though OEM parts may at times be more expensive, you may want the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing the people working on your vehicle are using parts made to OEM standards.

One particular issue is a sure shot.  There is simply no competition when it comes to the issue of warranties.  If your vehicle is under warranty, dealerships will fix it at no charge. For servicing your Volvo in Columbia, SC, visit Dick Dyer Volvo with any repair concerns.