We at Dick Dyer Volvo are proud to be related to the Volvo Car Corporation - a company with a rich history of success that spans the globe and inspires the industry to improve each year.

Today, Volvo is known for making reliable, high-quality motor vehicles that feature leading-edge safety technology. That's the way it's always been, ever since Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson started Volvo back in 1927.Let's take a look back over the years to see how Volvo got to be the great company that it is today.

1920 - 1929
  • Volvo produces their first automobile, the OV4 (endearingly referred to as the "Jacob")
  • Volvo earns its first profits

1930 - 1939
  • The LV71-74 is exported to nations all across the globe
  • Volvo expands operations to include the production of buses

1940 - 1949
  • Volvo produces its 50,000th vehicle
  • Volvo expands operations to include the production of tractors

1950 - 1959
  • Volvo moves to strongly market cars to the US
  • Volvo designs innovative 3-point seat belt

1960 - 1969
  • The Volvo Amazon is considered one of the safest cars in the world
  • The United States becomes the largest importer of Volvo cars
  • Volvo invents the world's first rear-facing car seat
  • Volvo Truck division is formed

1970 - 1979
  • Two million total Volvo cars produced
  • Production ends on the Volvo Amazon, a very popular model

1980 - 1989
  • Volvo wins Truck of the Year in 1984 and 1987
  • Volvo introduces its first front-wheel drive car, 480 ES Sports Coupe

1990 - 1999
  • Volvo designs Side-Impact Protection System, advanced safety innovation
  • Volvo 850, competing in British Touring Car championship, captures several victories
  • Volvo Museum opens
  • Volvo introduces S80, voted "Most Beautiful Car" by Automobilia

2000 - 2009
  • Volvo S40 debuts, featuring innovative front structure w/ crumple zones
  • Volvo designs plug-in hybrid concept, the Volvo ReCharge

2010 -  2015
  • Volvo introduces the S60 with Pedestrian Detection, using cameras and radar to detect pedestrians and apply brake assist
  • Volvo V60 Hybrid named safest electric car in Europe
  • New techs-Lane Keeping Aid, Park Pilot Assist, Active High-beams-introduced

As we move well into the 21st century, Volvo remains as innovative and forward-looking as they always have been. Hybrid versions of every Volvo model will soon be available. Volvo's commitment to safety is as undimmed as ever. They've made a company goal they call 2020 Vision. It's a solemn promise that by 2020, no injuries or fatalities will occur where Volvo vehicles are involved. That's Volvo. Still making history.

To learn more about Volvo's history or to check out a Volvo vehicle in person, come visit us at Dick Dyer Volvo. We'd love to help you out and get you set up with your next vehicle! We are located at 5825 Two Notch Road in Columbia, SC .