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There is a certain pride that comes along with caring for your car.  It's empowering to know that there are hosts of simple maintenance tasks every owner can easily do on his or her own that can keep their vehicle healthy. Although not at all exhaustive, below is a short list of these easy, DIY tasks that can go a long way in prolonging the life of your car.

Keep an eye on fluid levels.  Modern engines make it very easy to check these levels at a glance.  Power steering, brakes, cooling-all of these systems require fluid to operate.  If you notice that any of the fluids are low, top those off with manufacturer-recommended replacement fluid.  Most systems are sealed and airtight so if you are having to regularly top off your fluids, this could indicate an issue.  You should consider having a local service center inspect your car to determine the cause for the loss. Don't neglect to check your windshield wiper fluid!  While it may not seem as important as the others, it may be even more important in terms of safety.

Tire maintenance is an extremely important and very do-able DIY task.  Check tire pressure regularly.  Purchase a tire gauge and keep it in your glove box for convenience.  For recommended psi, take a look inside the front driver's side door.  You may also be able to find recommended psi in the owner's manual. Inspect your tire wear.  The manner in which the tires sustain wear can say a lot.  For instance, if both edges of the tire show wear, your tires may be under-inflated.  If only the middle of your tire shows wear, your tires may be overinflated.  Tires that only show wear on one side may indicate a need for alignment.

As tires will wear out different depending on their placement, tire rotation is a simple way to extend their life. The more evenly your tires wear, the smoother your ride and the less likely you are to have to purchase one or two tires at a time, which is far more expensive than purchasing a set.

It's hard to over-exaggerate the importance of checking the oil level of your car.  A near-effortless task, it pays dividends when you're talking about the life and health of your car.  Checking the oil level can be done while you fill up at your local petrol station.  Although it bears noting that to get the most accurate measurement, check your oil after your car has been off for a few hours and is sitting on level ground.  Always be sure to reference your owner's manual to determine what kind of oil your car takes.

Making these easy observations and adjustments will keep your car on the road longer and keep your repair costs lower.  Most importantly, it will help you enjoy your car to the maximum! If you need help with service, make an appointment with our service department today!

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