Serving Columbia, SC

The city of Columbia stands as the capital of and second-largest city in South Carolina. Boasting a population of 134,000, Columbia is home to an enormous number of popular attractions and restaurants. The city is located just 13 miles away from the center of South Carolina, making it a prime location for those who wish to see everything South Carolina has to offer!


History & Culture

The college now known as the University of South Carolina was founded in Columbia in 1801. Columbia's central location made it the perfect place for youth to attend their higher education. Prior to the university's founding, those seeking higher education migrated to England. The city's history wasn't always so bright though.

South Carolina delegates voted to secede from the Union in December 1860. Columbia's location made it ideal for Confederacy meetings. That made it a prime target for Union forces and, five years and two months later, a majority of the city was burned by Union soldiers and had to be rebuilt into what it is today.

Things to Do

Animals generally rank among a child's top ten favorite things, which makes a trip to the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden a grand idea. There are more than 2,000 animals and an exceptional garden on 170 acres of South Carolina's finest land. If that's not reason enough to visit, we don't know what is!

The EdVenture Children's Museum is perfect for younger kids. Visitors will learn about their favorite superheroes, how flight works, and much more!

You could always stop in at Dick Dyer Volvo to test drive the perfect family SUV.

Places to Eat

Little Pigs Barbecue is a buffet-style restaurant with something for customers of all ages. Families will love the wide selection and courteous staff. Experience real South Carolina barbecue with options like tomato-based, mustard-based, and vinegar-pepper sauces.

Kids love ice cream which makes the Sweet Cream Company the place to be following a delicious dinner. Unique ice cream flavors are handcrafted from the finest ingredients. Flavors are available while supplies last, so be sure to call or check them out on social media before visiting.

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